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Public Welfare Star|BCCSC&BCS "Model Power-Campus Star" Selection (5)

Models such as flags, benchmarks, and mirrors can release guidance. In the 2019-2020 school year, especially during the home study period of the epidemic, a large number of outstanding students have been outstanding in academic disciplines and self-disciplined learning. The Student Office of our school launched the selection of "The Power of Models-Campus Stars" in order to establish a model that is amiable, respectable, credible, and learnable, further serve the growth and development of students and at the same time allow students to find examples around them.

Middle School "Public Welfare Star"-G7-1 Liu Wei

Winner profile:

I am Liu Wei from the G7-1. I get along well with my classmates, like to listen to music, and I like to help classmates and teachers. At the end of last semester, I won the Civilization Progress Award, Excellent Audio-visual Education, and Full-Attendance Award. My motto is “People only admire the beauty of flower but cannot see the struggle and sacrifice."

I ham the health committee member in the class. At the end of the sports meeting, when all the students in the class return to the classroom, I will help the students to put all the garbage in the class into the trash can and move the chairs to the classroom;

I helped collect class fees when starting school. I helped buy the materials that New Year’s Day use to decorate and buy what you like to eat. After the activity, I cleaned up the hygiene in the classroom with everyone.

After class, I helped the teacher move things, arrange posters in the class, arrange various activities, supervise the silent writing of unqualified students and think about how to better manage the class.

I also helped class representatives organize and record their homework. We help each other when we encounter problems and actively participate in various activities in the school.

As a health committee member, I will check the hygiene in the class and clean the hygiene in the class every day, and help sort out the books on the cabinet behind the class.

Teacher's comments:

Liu Wei is willing to help others, has patience, is steadfast in learning, and has a good attitude. As a life committee member, she is dedicated and responsible. She likes to communicate with others, lively and active. She handles the relationship with the classmates very well. She is a very diligent student. She has strict requirements for herself, and is cautious in learning. She comes very early every time, and her behavior has been very standard. The teacher’s requirements are fully implemented. Teachers of various subjects like her. I hereby recommend her as a star of public welfare, in order to encourage more services for the class and continue to play a role model!

"Public Welfare Star" in High School-G10-3 Bai Yitong

Winner profile:

In the daily study and life of this semester, I will actively participate in class activities and join the design of the bulletin board for each semester. Efforts to achieve all-round development, complete the bronze medal of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. In his free time to study and participate in photography competitions, he won the sixth place in the Sony World Photography Awards in December 2019. Adhere to the charity activities of the nursing home, and won the title of the first charity ambassador for the nursing home in March 2020. My motto: loving yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance.

Respecting the old and loving the young is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Caring for the elderly and contributing to the society are also our responsibilities and obligations. Therefore, starting from the winter vacation in 2019, I began to visit the elderly in nursing homes every weekend. The difference with other nursing homes here is that they receive elderly people with Parkinson's disease or other similar symptoms.

I need to do my homework in advance and have a simple understanding of the clinical performance. The staff of the nursing home also told us some things to pay attention to. But after I went there, I realized that many things were really beyond my expectations. When I went for the first time, I saw them babbling like children, and staggered forward, as if I had returned to the beginning of my life. When I first arrived, I didn’t know where to start. I just learned about the old people’s situation with the person in charge. I still remember that the old people happened to be basking outside in the sun again. It was quiet. Suddenly an old man kept talking in his mouth, repeating a name repeatedly, and I panicked. Auntie Career said don't be afraid, she remembered her relatives after listening to you.

I felt that the distance between us and the old man was gradually getting closer. A grandmother I often take care of can take the initiative to take my hand and smile at me. Later, we will prepare a few simple programs. Although we are not sure whether the performance can be completed smoothly, we still want to bring them enough warmth within their limited range. I said, "Grandma, I will sing a song for you." She didn't answer. I sang the grandma's Penghu Bay softly. At first, she smiled, and then I was very happy to raise the volume a little bit. , She started to twitch her face, her hands were trembling, and she couldn’t hold it anymore. She murmured and cried. It turned out that my grandmother's relatives were far away in the United States and could not visit for a long time.

I found how happy I am to be able to have the health of my grandparents. In fact, although Parkinson's patients will talk nonsense, their thoughts about family members never dissipate. Working hard for their children for most of their lives, they should have had a peaceful and happy old age. As children, we should take advantage of the opportunity to obey our elders. They are busy for our happiness. All we have to do is exchange love for love.

In the past few months in the nursing home, through constant contact, I felt the simplest happiness. Even if it can bring a little warmth to them, it is meaningful to pay. Here, I have not only harvested good memories, but also gained a new understanding of public welfare. From the beginning it was just a task, and now we have become friends with each other. When there is no time to visit them, we will even miss each other. I am very grateful to the public welfare. For me, it is a life experience and a valuable asset. I have gained friendship across the ages and no blood relationship. It has become an integral part of my life, I believe. In the future, I will continue to move forward on the charity road.

Teacher's comments:

Bai Yitong abides by the discipline and the law, and actively participates in social practice and school activities. She is very active as a class committee, respecting teachers, uniting classmates, and strict self-discipline. Passionate about public welfare services, pay attention to the overall development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness.