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(Grades 6-8)

As students mature into middle school age they go through rapid development both mentally and physically. These are the “transition years” as students begin the change from childhood to adulthood.

The focus in the core subject areas is not as heavily concentrated on Math and English and the focus shifts from basic skills to a much broader understanding in each subject.
The core subjects are Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Second Language .
Because students are also greatly expanding their interests at this point in their lives, there is an increased emphasis on exposing students to a wider range of topics involving careers, understanding human relationships, technology applications and life skills.

Students will be required to write standardized assessments in both Math and English at the end of their middle school years. These assessments are not used for promotional purposes. However, students who are not successful on these assessments must rewrite and pass to be considered for eventual graduation.

Students who are not successful are significantly behind where they should be for that grade level.


English: Students experience a wide range of reading including, fiction, technical, poetry, fantasy and personal choice. They also explore a range of writing including: letters, reports, journals, stories, poems, descriptions……They are exposed to drama, movies and other language rich media. Students are expected to be capable of writing critically and creatively about what they read, listen and watch.

Provincial assessments stress the 4 key areas of Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing, both demand and process (developed over time with several rewrites). Writing is a huge component of the grade 8 program.

Mathematics: Students cover a wide variety or range of “strands” like Geometry, number concepts, number operations, data management, probability, mental math, problem solving, patterns, etc. there is a lot of manipulative-based teaching in the Middle School program.

Science: It is a combination of Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biology (including some Botany). Topics such as physical geography, ecosystems, natural phenomenon, weather, tides, chemical solutions….

Social Studies: In Canada, Social Studies is a study of Canadian History. Our program focuses on world history and geography. We will parallel the Canadian program so that our students are acquiring the same set of skills as those in Canada.

Health: Topics include: Human growth and development, relationships with peers and adults, self-esteem, nutrition and hygiene. Group guidance is a part of the Health Program. The homeroom teachers are also responsible for some group guidance.

Second Language: We will offer second language courses in the major languages represented in our school.

Information Technology: The focus of our work will be to teach skills like using word processors, spreadsheets, graph generators, web based research tools, publishing and presentation programs, data handling …… These skills will be reinforced in the core subject areas.

Life Skills/Practical Arts: Combines a variety of skills that would be useful in the home with scale drawings, making models, shop safety, some wood working, cooking …. What is offered here will be very dependent upon what resources we can access in the local area.

Both the Music and Art programs are a continuation of the elementary program. In music, music theory and appreciation as well as a focus on instruments for performance will be the themes.

Art will incorporate some art theory and history as well as the hands-on work with various art mediums.

Physical Education: Physical Education will be paired with Health in the timetable. The focus is skills development in a series of sports including: badminton, basketball … Practical skill development will be mixed with a limited amount of theory related to the current sport.


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